2018 Michigan Walleye Tour Rules
1. RULES AND RULE CHANGES. These rules will remain unchanged unless otherwise notified at the Captains meeting. Interpretation of the rules will be to the
discretion of the Tournament Director and the Rules Committee. The rules and the interpretations of them will be final and not open to protest. Safety rules may
be changed at any time.
2. PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY. It is the contestant’s responsibility for knowing and abiding by all MWT, local and state regulations, which pertain to
the MWT tournament waters. Contestants may enter as up to a three-person team, two-person or as a single person team. The MWT encourages teams to consist
of two people for safety reasons but it’s not mandatory. Any person, 8 to 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Observers may not
participate in any way during tournament fishing hours.
3. ENTRY INFORMATION. Teams may consist of up to three anglers. Once a 3 – person team is officially entered, team members can’t be changed without
penalty. All entries must be received by the Thursday before each tournament by 6:00 p.m. Any tournament entries after that time will be charged a $100.00 late
fee, and can still register by 6:00 p.m. at the captains meeting. Only cash payments will be accepted on the day of the Captain’s Meeting, credit cards and
personal checks will not be accepted at the Captain’s Meeting. NO other entries will be accepted after the cut off time. Early registration from January 22nd to
March 2nd for teams entering all 4 qualifiers, qualifies you for the tournament placement drawing on March 6th for your boat numbers. This number will be used
for the rest of the MWT circuit. We will continue to accept entries for all four tournaments until March 6th. On March 8th, entries will be accepted for individual
tournaments on a first come first serve basis. Maximum number of boats will be 120 teams. A team loses all points and starts over for Team of the Year points if
team members are changed. NO refunds will be given, with the exception of a death in the family. Club membership will not be refunded. Any entries not completely
filled out, will be returned. The $400 team entry includes all applicable team memberships and administrative fees.
4. SPORTSMANSHIP. Entrants must conduct themselves in a true sportsmanlike manner at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Courtesy and ethics of the highest standard
are the norm, not the exception. Remember that you not only represent yourselves, but all tournament anglers and competitive fishing. Any rude or insulting
type of behavior will be subject to disqualification or penalties enforced. All teams are required to a bid by all boating, fishing and tournament rules during the
event. If a team receives a citation for breaking a marine or game law during tournament hours, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
5. SAFETY. Safety must be observed at all times. All contestants must wear Coast Guard approved PFDs while the boat is moving above trolling speed. Each contestant
is to follow all Coast Guard regulations. All boats are required to have, and in working order, an emergency cut off switch that must be securely attached
to the driver whenever the boat is above trolling speed. No Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances may be consumed or in possession by teams during fishing
6. BOATS AND EQUIPMENT. All boats will be inspected prior to the start of that day of fishing. A “boat identification board” will be issued after inspection and
also a colored ribbon marker for on the water identification. Teams are responsible for returning of the boat boards. A $25.00 fine will be charged for not returning
a boat board. This is for safety; it is to show that you have returned back from fishing. All boats must conform to the appropriate state, and USCG standards. Your
boat must have USCG safety equipment on board. All outboards used in the MWT tournament must not exceed the horsepower rating set by the USCG ruling
November 1, 1972. All boats will have an USCG or BMA plate attached by the boat manufacturer and the horsepower rating will not be exceeded by any means.
Kill switches must be in working order. Bait and tackle may not be passed between boats after the tournament has started. No binoculars or cameras with telephoto
lenses are to be used during tournament hours. Additional fuel containers will not be allowed on board.
7. MARINE RADIOS AND CELL PHONES. You must also have your own working VHF marine band radio. Radio units will not be loaned out for any reason,
by the MWT. Teams will not be allowed to fish without a marine radio. The official tournament channel will be announced at the captains meeting. Marine
Radios, CB’s, Cell Phones, Scanners, and Two Way communicators with GPS functions are allowed for emergency use only. If you are going to be carrying cell
phones on your boat for emergency use, you must list the cell phone numbers on the tournament application.
8. CAPTAINS MEETINGS, FLIGHTS AND LAUNCHING. Mandatory captains meetings (no exceptions) will be held prior to the tournament at 6:00 p.m. It
is required that one team member must attend and sign in. The meeting place will be posted at the MWT trailer. Each team will be allowed 8 hours of fishing
including travel time. Teams returning late will forfeit their weight for that day. Flighting may be used. A third party observer may be used at any time and for any
reason. The observer must be at least 18 years of age or older and must sign a waiver. Boundaries for the particular tournament are available upon request. There
will be no early weigh in except for breakdowns or emergencies. Contestants must leave and return to the official tournament site by your own boat only.
9. FISH AND FISHING. All state or provincial fishing regulations and rules will be observed unless the Tournament Director specifies more stringent regulations
Five (5) 15”minimum fish. Unless otherwise notified, and or State, Provincial, or Federal Laws permit. Slot limits may be in effect. Only walleye, sauger, or saugeye
caught on hook and line in a conventional sporting manner will be accepted for weight in. A six (6) lure limit or six (6) rod limit will be allowed per team.
Both artificial and live bait can be used and only five (5) walleye per team at the dock will be weighed in. All fish must be kept in aerated live wells or coolers to
keep fish alive and as fresh as possible for release. Use of stringers, wire fish baskets, boat bags, etc. is prohibited. Any fish mauled, frozen, stringered, injected
with water or other fluids containing foreign matter to add weight or showing white gills, soft flesh, sunken eyes, or gills that won’t bleed, may result in disqualification
from the tournament and/or MWT at the discretion of the Director and rules committee. Culling of dead fish is prohibited. Undersize fish will result in
that day’s loss of total weight. Once the tournament has started, (captains meeting) all contestants are prohibited from fishing except during tournament hours. All
boats are subject to inspection on and off the water by tournament officials, state, local or Federal authorities. There will be no re-weighing of fish. The weight
stands that reads on the scales or by the discretion of the weigh master only. No exceptions. All contestants must posses a valid fishing license for the waters
10. SEVERE WEATHER RULE. In the event of severe weather, the tournament hours may be suspended or cut short. A tournament may be canceled at the discretion
of the staff at the event. If the tournament day is cut short due to severe weather, no weight for the day. “If you see lightning, take shelter!”
11. TEAM OF THE YEAR POINT DETERMINATION. All prizes and points are awarded by team weight. Each event will be worth a maximum of 100 points +
40 show points regardless of number of entries. A total of 140 Team of the Year points per event. Teams have to be present to receive merchandise prizes. In the
event of a tie, the cash prizes for the tied place and the next lowest place will be added together and the two teams will equally share the winnings. Checks must
be picked up in person at tournament site. When non-cash prizes are involved, the non-cash prizes for the tied place, and the next lowest place, will be determined
by a gentleman’s agreement or by a drawing. A member of the MWT staff will do the drawing. In the event of a tie, at any place, points will be to both teams
based on the higher place. “No Weight – NO Points” (show points only).
12. PROTEST. The tournament committee or any other contestant has the right to protest another team or contestant. The protest must be filed in writing; with in
one (1) hour of the last flight time, on the last day of the tournament, with the Tournament Director. Protest forms are available from the Tournament Director.
13. SPIRIT OF THE RULE. All rules have “loop holes”. It is the intention for the Tournament Director and the committee to provide a sportsman like tournament.
All questions or problems are to be referred to the Tournament Director and the Rules Committee. They have sole jurisdiction in determining the application of
the rules. The committee will be named at each tournament site. Any disqualification will result in the loss of all championship points for that event. If you are
disqualified, you are not entitled to any refund.
14. WAIVER AND HOLD HARMLESS. All contestants in signing an entry form agree to hold harmless any and all promoters, tournament directors, agents, and
organizations assisting the MWT and/or Saginaw Bay Walleye Club tournament operation. Furthermore, all contestants agree to waiver all responsibility for
death, injuries, damage, liability, theft, fire or loss of any kind to entrants. I have read, and understand the above rules, and by signing the entry form is in fact
signing a waiver form. No unsigned entry will be processed for competition.